The approach to sustainability of the Kopuzlar Group of Companies involves forging a balance between, on one hand, the needs of business and human life and on the other hand the sustainable use of existing natural resources. In this light, Kopuzlar Group recognizes its environment, nature and the societies it affects as a capital to be carried into the future, just like its own assets.

The fulfilment of economic requirements together with social and environmental obligations in a sustainable manner constitutes one of the binding standards of the group. In all group activities, the need to blend a competitive approach supported by innovative breakthroughs with sustainable growth that respects the environment and society, is accepted as a main principle.


As the Kopuzlar Group of Companies, out of our respect towards humanity and the continuity of natural life, we consider protecting the environment as one of our main duties.

In line with our sustainability policies, we continue our efforts to protect the environment and to use resources correctly by complying with all regulations and laws related to environmental protection.

We believe that quality products can be produced only in safe and clean environments. From this point of view, as the Kopuzlar Group of Companies, in order to maintain a healthy environment and to preserve it for future generations, from the selection of projects and equipment, to environmentally conscious personnel, to our daily manufacturing activities, we aim to consume less energy at every stage of the production process and to supply our raw materials from recycled sources allowing us to follow a policy that adopts environmentally friendly production equipment and techniques.