Us, not Me

We aim to ensure that every member of the Kopuzlar family sees their colleagues around them as companions in walking towards common goals. In this context, participation and cooperation are indispensable to us.

Our belief in the power of shared wisdom pushes us to act as a community when making decisions, and we believe it is extremely important to make everyone feel that their opinions and contributions are valued. We always endeavour to remember that our partnerships and collaborations within ourselves and with the outside world constitute the core of our business model.

Our people are our greatest capital

Our founder, Akif Kopuz would highlight this principle in his own words: “Hard work is the most auspicious capital.”. It’s no wonder that it lies at the heart of everything we do. We know very well that the most important threshold in human development is to be overcome through the realisation that the real value creating capital is the human mind and determination.

Our community continues to stand strong and make a difference in the world thanks to the faith and efforts of our colleagues. In this context, our primary goals are as follows: ensuring respect for people is maintained as the highest principle, providing an environment in which our colleagues can actively develop themselves and forming a company atmosphere where our people can express their opinions and contribute in an open and free setting.

Competition on a global stage with universal standards

We are well aware that it is no longer possible to navigate the modern world without first establishing our position on the global stage. When we start any new project, from launching a product to founding a company, we understand that we must first ask ourselves: "Can we become one of the best in the world at what we do and what steps must we take to achieve this?".

In this context, we act according to universal standards in everything we do, from corporate governance to our social responsibility and sustainability policy. We take steps aiming to increase our competitive advantage in the global market, and we take care to uphold a strategy through which we can effectively market our advantages and offerings to our international stakeholders.

Our greatest passion: Innovation and Progress

Prided by being a company of firsts, we prioritize innovation in all areas of our activities. By setting us ahead in both technology and research, this way of doing business has distinguished us from our competitors over the years, and at the same time has helped us leave a positive impact on our environment, society and country.

Our R&D activities play a major role in guiding and shaping the future endeavours of our company. Being at the heart of change itself in the sectors in which we operate is one of the main principles that define us.

Long term strategic view

When our founder, Akif Kopuz, commenced his business life almost a century ago, he was aware that real success is only possible with long-term goals. In the pursuing years, he never forgot the importance of orienting oneself according to globally changing conditions. Our community, which has survived until today thanks to these values, shapes its strategies and planning primarily within the framework of this core principle.

We are aware, that in order to endure in a rapidly changing world, we have to constantly renew ourselves. For this reason, we carefully shape our vision, taking care to keep it open to innovation and change, as to enable us to continue to create value in the long term. We believe, that only in this way, will we secure our future and continue to create positive change in the societies we inhabit.