The Kopuzlar Group of Companies

The founding of the Kopuzlar Group of Companies in 1941 marked the beginning of a journey that has lasted more than 80 years to this date, a journey in which the group, through its contributions to Turkey’s efforts to industrialise and find a place in the increasingly globalised world, would go on to differentiate itself from its competitors and become a defining player in the sectors within which it operates.

The group, established through the efforts of our founder Akif Kopuz, with modest funding but an ever so determined entrepreneurial vision, today, holds its place among Turkey’s leading companies, operating in the industry, real estate and service sectors.

Kopuzlar Group, through its contributions to employment with its more than 450 employees, to the Turkish economy with its TRY based revenue growth of 130% in the past 3 years and to world trade with its export capacity spanning 57 countries, continues to positively shape Turkey and its surroundings. With achievements, such as the first retail market in Turkish history and Turkey’s largest rawhide wholesaler, decorating its history, the enterprise today contributes to innovation and progress with production facilities totalling 60,000 m2 in area and an offering of more than 150 different products spanning multiple industries.

Based on a strong belief in the power of universal principles, the group operates with an understanding of the requirement for international standards in corporate governance, sustainability, social responsibility and customer relations.

Based on its long-term goals, Kopuzlar Group will continue its activities that generate value for its stakeholders and its surroundings.









Our Mission

To be a preferred brand in Turkey and abroad by continuously improving the quality of the products and services we provide in every field in which we operate.

Our Vision

As the Kopuzlar Group of Companies, to combine our knowledge and experience with the latest technological innovations to offer our customers novel best-in-class solutions.